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Hi, now I can open the game, but its loading for 30 second then its shutdown. Pro dunia August 11, Reply. Bivash December 2, Reply. Pro dunia December 7, Reply. Clash boy December 3, Reply. Pakashi December 11, Reply. Pro dunia December 12, Reply. Nooragha December 12, Reply. Malekk December 15, Reply.

Pro dunia December 17, Reply. Arihan December 22, Reply. Pro dunia December 28, Reply. It requires 64 bit operating system.

Fahim Sagar January 3, Reply. Pro dunia January 4, Reply. Freddy Pulikkal December 24, Reply. Pro dunia December 25, Reply. Jay meena March 16, Reply. Pro dunia March 19, Reply. Kareemghunia gmail. Pro dunia January 2, Reply. Law enforcement officers will search for players who leave the required neighborhood. The meter goes to calming mode and eventually retracts when players are hidden from the line of sight of the officers shown on the mini map.

Single player mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 game download for pc allows players to control three characters: Michael de Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton, criminals whose stories are interconnected while completing missions. Some tasks are completed with one character and others with two or three. Outside of missions, players can change characters as desired by using a directional compass in HUD. The game can automatically switch characters during missions to complete specific targets.

The avatar of a personal compass will appear in red if it is in danger and needs help, and will flash in white if it has a strategic advantage. Although players complete missions like any of the three heroes, the most difficult theft missions require the help of AI-controlled partners with unique skill sets such as piracy and leadership. In game, If a partner survives a successful theft, he gets a portion of the cash reward and may be available for subsequent missions with improvements to his unique abilities.

Some thefts allow multiple strategies; In a robbery mission, players can deceptively subject civilians to a helpless factor, or clearly assault the scene with painted weapons. Each character in Grand Theft Auto 5 pc download has a set of eight abilities that represent their ability in specific areas such as photography and leadership. Michael enters lead time in combat, Franklin slows down time while driving, and Trevor causes double damage to enemies while taking half of him in combat.

One meter per HUD is depleted for each character when a skill is used and renewed when players perform movement skills for example, drifting in vehicles like Franklin or shooting heads like Michael.

While roaming freely in the Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 pc game free download world, players can participate in context-specific activities such as diving and jumping. Each character contains a smartphone to communicate with friends, start activities and access the Internet within the game. Police is quite nasty they just start arresting you if they find you making fun of them or triggers state law and order.

Missions of various kinds are involved from racing to bank robbery. As your level gets increase missions are difficult to successfully complete. In some all three characters are involved one has to switch on after other during live performance.

Cars, bikes, aeroplanes, fighter jets, trucks, public transportation and much more is seen and witnessed. Appearances can also be changed as one wish to look. Ocean, lakes and rivers all these gives a wonderful look to GTA V.

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What is the size of the game? As it is highly compressed so the size is 36 GB in parts. Where can I find such more highly compressed games? For more games you can visit our site. Minimum System Requirements.



GTA V Highly Compressed for PC – Highly Compressed.

Pro dunia May 2, Reply. This Game introduces a new first-person mode, giving players the opportunity to explore an incredibly detailed world of Los Santos and Plaine County in a completely new way in story mode and Grand Theft Auto Online. Weapons are used in large scale by which player defends as well as attacks his enemies. I downloaded and installed but when I open it…its not going passed the intial language page. Each character contains a smartphone to communicate with friends, start activities and access the Internet within the game. And mb dedicated video memory. Pro dunia August 7, Reply.


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Grand Theft Auto V highly compressed is an activity adventure game played from either a third-individual or first-individual perspective. How to Install GTA 5 highly compressed in PC (desktop/laptop) · Disable antivirus. · Download GTA 5 Download file – from the. Gta 5 download — yet Another dose of This Favorite gangster series Rockstar Games — brings us into a world modeled on California.