The HydraFacial takes non ablative facial rejuvenation to a whole new level – two levels above IPL in fact. In clinical studies performed by leading U.S. doctors, the HydraFacial was shown to provide better results than many other forms of rejuvenation.
4-in-1 technology: Vortex-Cleansing, HydroPeel Exfoliation, Vortex-Extraction, and Vortex-Fusion
Provides immediate results without downtimeEffective for oily, ethnic, thin, sensitive and aging skin
Promotes overall skin health
Encourages client loyalty and monthly visitationsUsed for sun damage, uneven skin tone, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, dry or dehydrated skin, oily/ congested skin, and enlarged pores 
Beauty Tek
It revitalizes and replenishes the skin with all required vitamins that are lost during aging process
Laser Life
Tightens the skin leaving it firm, which will improve your skins elasticity
Bio Rad
allowing the collagen and elastin to multiply
Carboxy Therapy
It injects CO2 under the skin allowing the skin to adhere to the muscle: Face, chin, and arms. It removes the dark circles and bags from under your eyes
Will make your face look 5 to 10 years younger!
It is the first technique in the world that can generate the skin cells in only 4 sessions and therefore provide facial lifting through increasing the number of collagen.
Impressive results are achieved with skin surfacing.