Bios is a revolutionary device that improves the outcome and safety of aesthetic laser treatments thanks to its Mixed Technology able to deliver two laser wavelengths (755 and 1064 nm) simultaneously or in fast sequence. 
Bios has a unique feature which is the Mixed Technology. This exclusive technology is able to improve the treatment safety, keeping to the maximum possible level the procedure’s effectiveness.
✓✓ Efficient on dark color
✓✓ Suitable for all phototypes
✓✓ Fast and effective
✓✓ Safe
✓✓ Almost Painless

Diode Laser (Made in Germany)
For thick and dark hair (needed sessions: average 6 sessions for the body, average 8 sessions for the face results are 100% guaranteed)

IPL or light ( Medicam made in Canada)
For thin and dark hair (needed sessions : average 6 sessions, one sessions every month, after that one sessions is required every 3 month to preserve the results)

Electrical hair removal (Apilus made in Canada)  
For thin, bright and white hair (hair is removed one by one)