Automated – Without Surgery
Our CE Marked and FDA Approved automated hair transplant technique is especially designed to treat the first stages of male and female diffuse hair loss.


Transplanted hair last a lifetime
Adapted to men and women of any age
Painless: simple local anesthesia is sufficient
Causes little bleeding, has no deep stitches
Has no risk of infection or complications
Heals quickly and almost invisibly in the days after the procedure
No Hair Loss
Leaves no scars and wounds

First Step: Graft Removal 
Risk of transection is kept to an absolute minimum
Graft is removed by vacuum suction
Precision, comfort and fast execution
Duration: 3 hours
Second Step: Reimplantation of grafts  
Extraction and implantation of the grafts with no pain  
Precision, comfort and fast execution
Rapid and invisible healing

Duration: 3 hours