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With the light and dark mode of Windows browsers, there are a lot of free Windows 10 themes that can be found. This site offers unique Windows 10 themes with Dark / Light modes for free download. Osamu Dazai · Hibiscus syriacus · Queen Elizabeth II · Hrithik Roshan · Hudson & Rex · Interstellar · Destiny’s Child · Running Horses.


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Grove is the theme which is quite nature-related. It provides clean looking icons, menus, and color changes. Grove is filled with a mixture of colors: some light green and muted blacks and whites. It gives you a nature-friendly feel. If your love greenish and also like to have some dark colors, then you can choose the Grove theme. It can also download the wallpapers, which are coordinated with the colors of the theme.

If you decide to download icons with the themes, then it looks very smooth and attractive than the original Windows icons. As the name indicates, Simplify 10 Light is a simple yet effective theme you will ever choose. The simplification of the theme is the most beautiful thing about the Simplify 10 Light.

It is not a free theme as you need to get paid to get the theme. Simplify 10 Light has numerous customize options. You can use it and look for the theme as you want. It gives you the matching wallpapers as well. If you love Anime then you can give its theme to your desktop.

Anime theme makes your desktop more fun. You can get the Anime of your favorite movie or character themes for your Windows The Anime theme is becoming more popular with each passing day. It gives some childish look to your desktop, and therefore it also makes your desktop Windows 10 more pleasant to the eyes.

So far, the Anime theme is known to be the best Windows 10 theme on your desktop. So these are the list of best themes to download on your Windows PC. We have researched these themes and find it easy to use and amazing to have on the system. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

GreyEve Theme We want to consider the theme, which also gives us some benefits. Get It Here 2. Get It Here 3. Soft Light After knowing about the dark and black theme, you would want to know about the little brightness theme.

Get It Here 4. Oxford Another theme that is considered one of the best Windows 10 themes on your desktop is Oxford. Get It Here 5. Talking about the wallpapers, then this skin comes with 18 gorgeous-looking gradient wallpapers that have a Windows logo on the background. In terms of size, then the Pride Flags theme has 15MB download size. The theme also changes the color accent to Dark Blue that looks impressive, especially in the start menu. The theme pops up with a cool blue bright color accent.

The theme is available freely on the Windows Store and it has 22MB download size. As the name suggests, the Windows Throwback theme refreshes your old memories. This theme has an old Microsoft PC image, a minimal floppy wallpaper, and more. The theme bundled with nine gorgeous looking images, exclusively shared by Microsoft.

The best thing? It also brings old Windows notifications and other system sounds to the Windows What about decorating your Windows 10 desktop with Desert images? Well, the afore-mentioned theme is all you need to decorate your device with impressive 4K images. In the Desert, theme packs 20 gorgeous-looking 4K images and has a blue accent for the start menu. The theme includes ten beautiful images captured from the festival of colors.

This pack includes ten stunning 4K images and brings a pink accent to the start menu. It is available freely on the store and has 32MB download size. It has a total of premium 4K images that looks impressive. Not only this but, this theme also has a cool Rust accent for the start menu, that matches most of the images available in the theme.

You can download this theme by consuming 22MB of internet data. Want to take a trip around the world? Then, the World National Parks theme by Microsoft is your cup of tea.

Yes, this theme bumps up the Windows Store with an set of spectacular 4K images. Other than that, this theme has a Windows 10 default accent for the start menu. Like every other afore-listed theme, this theme is also available freely in the store.

If you like the monsoon aka rainy season and want to change your mood, then make sure to check the Rain in the City theme from the list of Best Themes for Windows It has a Dark Blue accent for the start menu. It weighs only 7. The Animal Kingdom Free. Animals of Yellowstone Free. Animal Mothers Free. Antlers and Horns Free. Artistic Endeavors Free. Australian Landscapes by Ian Johnson Free. Australian Shores by Anton Gorlin Free. Autumn Colors Free. Autumn in Sweden Free. Baby Animals Free. Beach Glow Free.

Beach Sunsets by Josh Sommers Free. Bear Landscapes Free. Beautiful Blossoms by Elena Yansupova Free. Beautiful Norway Free. Beautiful Queensland by Tracie Louise Free. Beautiful Sunsets Free. Beauty of Britain 2 by Sean Byrne Free. Beauty of Britain by Sean Byrne Free.

Beauty of Honshu by Wilson Au Free. Beauty of Horses Free. Best of Bing Exclusive Free.


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Osamu Dazai · Hibiscus syriacus · Queen Elizabeth II · Hrithik Roshan · Hudson & Rex · Interstellar · Destiny’s Child · Running Horses. With the light and dark mode of Windows browsers, there are a lot of free Windows 10 themes that can be found. + FREE WINDOWS 10 THEMES. Select and Download the Best Themes for Windows 11/10/8 and themepacks for Windows 7.