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Double click on the Word icon on your desktop. Set the margins you can use a real ruler. Each tab is divided into groups. The groups are collections of features designed to perform functions.

Commonly used wkrd are displayed on the Ribbon, to view additional features within each group, click on the arrow at the bottom right of each group. A blue information box will pop up just below pro x training download you stop your pointer. Choose Minimize the Ribbon. To view again, do the same. Quick Access Toolbar The quick access toolbar is a customizable toolbar that contains commands that you may want microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free use frequently.

You can add items to it. Moving in the text The Cursor The cursor is the short verical flashing line on your screen. The cursor shows you where you will start typing in a Word document. When you are using the Tools in Microsoft Word your cursor will change to an arrow. This is called a pointer. Scrolling Your scroll bar is at the right-hand side of your screen. Hold down the left mouse button to scroll up and down the screen more quickly.

To make microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free letter a capital letter: Hold down the Shift and the letter key at the same time. For the signs on your keyboard: Hold down the Shift and the number key at the same time. The Shift keys are on both sides of the keyboard. The Space bar makes spaces between words when typing. Tap the bar one time to make a space. Use the Enter key to move your cursor to finish the line and make a new one. The Backspace key deletes everything to the left of mircosoft cursor.

The Delete key will erase everything to the right notss the cursor. To make the cursor go to the end of the line press End. To make the cursor go to the start of a line press Home. Selecting text Put the cursor at the beginning or end of the words you want to select. Put your finger on the left mouse button.

Hold down the left mouse button. Move the mouse across the words. Lift up your finger. The word will be highlighted in blue. When this microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free done, you notess move words or change the size, the colour, and the style of the words on the computer.

Alternatives To select a word, читать больше click within подробнее на этой странице word. To select a paragraph, triple-click within the paragraph. The current document has a checkmark beside the file name. Select another open document to view it. It includes all tables, text, graphics, and images. Full Screen Reading: This is a full view length view of a document. Good for viewing two pages at a time.

Web Layout: This is a view of the document as it would appear in a web browser. Outline: This is an outline form of the document in the form of bullets. Draft: This view does not display pictures or layouts, just text. To view a document in different forms, click the wrd views shortcuts at the bottom of the screen or: Click the View Tab on the Ribbon Click on the appropriate document view.

You can also use the Clipboard group on the Ribbon Home tag. A style is a format enhancing tool that includes font typefaces, font size, effects bold, italics, underline, etc. Font and size Change Font Typeface and Size Click the arrow next to the font name and choose a font and size. You can preview how the new font will look by highlighting microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free text, and hovering over the new font typeface. Font Styles and Effects Font styles are predefined formatting options that are used to emphasize text: Bold, Italic, and Underline.

Kerning alters the spacing between particular pairs of letters. Expand or condense the space evenly between all the selected characters Select the text that you want microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free change. In the Spacing box, click Expanded or Condensed, and then specify how much space you want in the By box.

Change Text Color Select the text and click the Colors button included on the Font Group of the Ribbon, or Highlight the text and right click and choose the нажмите чтобы прочитать больше tool. Select the перейти на страницу by clicking the down arrow next to the font color button. Highlight Fre Select the text Click the Highlight Button on the Font Group of the Ribbon, or Select the text and microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free click and select the highlight tool To change the color of the highlighter click on down arrow next to the highlight button.

Copy Formatting If you have already formatted text the way you want it and would like another portion of the document to have the same formatting, you can copy the formatting. To copy the formatting, do the following: Select the text with the formatting you want to copy. Copy the format of noes text selected by clicking the Format Painter button on the Clipboard Group of the Home Tab Apply the copied format by selecting the text and clicking microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free it.

Clear Formatting Select the text you wish to clear the formatting. Click Clear All. Click the Insert tab. Click on Hyperlink and OK. Insert current Date and Time Click the Insert tab. Select the appropriate language and format.

Page Layout Paragraph Formatting Paragraphs Formatting paragraphs allows you to change the look of the overall document. Align Left: the text is aligned with попали windows 10 enterprise security questions free download нужные left margin Center: The text is centered within your margins Align Right: Aligns text with the right margin Justify: Aligns text to worr the left and right margins.

Indent Paragraphs Indenting paragraphs allows you set text within a paragraph at different margins. Click the Indent button microsofy times to increase the size of the indent. Select the area of text where you want the border or shading. Styles can be microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free for use in many documents. Apply Styles There are many styles that are already in Word ready for you to use.

To apply a style: 1. Select the text 2. At the bottom of that dialog box, wor can choose to add this to the Fre Style List or to make it available only in this document. Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше If you don’t see the horizontal ruler that runs along the top of the document, click the View Ruler button at the top of worf vertical scroll bar.

It is easy to set tabs by clicking the tab selector at the left end of the ruler until it displays the type of tab that microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free want and then clicking the ruler at the location you want. Tab types: A Left Tab stop microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free the start position of text that will then run to the right as you type. A Center Tab stop sets the position of the middle of the text. The text centers on this position as you type. A Right Tab stop sets the right end of the text.

As you type, the text moves to the left. A Decimal Tab stop aligns numbers around a decimal point.


Microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free

Open PDF documents in Word to edit paragraphs and tables and create your own Word documents. Inlcuded. Collaborate with anyone. Save your Office file as a PDF without needing additional software or add-ins.


Microsoft word 2013 notes pdf free


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Introduction Definition of word processing The creation, input, editing, and production of words in documents and texts by means of a computer system.

Definition of word processing software Computer programs that allow documents to be typed, revised, formatted and printed quickly and efficiently.

Storing documents for later use 3. Erasing and inserting text 4. Searching and replacing words 5. Moving or copying text 6.

Wrapping lines and 7. Justifying text 8. Checking and correcting spelling 9. Reviewing style and grammar Creating tables Inserting and editing graphics Tracking changes 1. Time savings modify documents instead of creating new ones, correct more quickly Better appearances documents look more professionals, polished, accurate typing, appropriate font size, good-looking fonts Shared methods sharing documents easily among students, exchange ideas, edit others materials, track changes.

Save a document Select to save to your SkyDrive account Select if you plan to save to local storage, such as a flash drive or hard drive Click to navigate to a folder on the selected storage device or location. Reviewing a document Typographical errors Grammatical errors Identifying proper wording Defining words. Setting Tabs cont. Set the number of columns and rows.

Modifying Table Click and the table appears in the document. If you need to make adjustments, you canadd. You can only draw the connectors inside the drawing canvas. Drawing Different Shape 1. Click theInserttab. Click Rectangle inRectangles. Inserting Pictures Click Online Pictures to choose from online resources Click Pictures to insert pictures from storage device. Styling a Text Box Shape styles, fills, outlines, and effects Change text box size.

To convert a PDF, you open it like you would any other document. Choose the location of the PDF and click Browse. Find the PDF and click Open. The converted document might not have a perfect pageto-page correspondence with the original. For example, lines and pages may break at different locations. When you save the file, Word will default to its format. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search.

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Editors’ Picks All magazines. Explore Podcasts All podcasts. Difficulty Beginner Intermediate Advanced. Explore Documents. MS Word Presentation. Uploaded by Aiman. Original Title MS Word presentation. Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: A usage guide for MS Word Flag for inappropriate content.

Download now. Original Title: MS Word presentation. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Introduction Advantages of using word processing 1. Insert a Table This way you can create a table with more than ten columns and eight rows, as well as set the column width behavior.

If you need to make adjustments, you canadd table rows and columns,delete table rows and columns, ormerge table cells into one cell. Drawing Canvas You can only draw the connectors inside the drawing canvas.

ClickNew Drawing Canvas. Drag on the drawing canvas to draw a rectangle. A rectangle is inserted into drawing canvas. Click the File tab and choose Save As. Choose a location for the new file. When Word displays the Save As dialog, youll notice that it has default to its format. Questions Microsoft Word.

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