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ntation Documentation for the Xero API, presented at This data is fetched and displayed by Xero’s public API documentation. The XML and JSON strings are held in YAML so that we can keep the strings in one place and make them more human friendly. Pull requests are welcome. SDK Documentation. Files. createFileAssociation. Creates a new file association. By passing in the appropriate options, you can create a new folder Python # configure api_client for use with xero-python sdk client api_client = ApiClient(Configuration(debug=false, oauth2_token=OAuth2Token(client_id=”YOUR_CLIENT_ID”, client_secret=”YOUR. Aug 09,  · Hi All, I’ve been playing with the Xero node library, I’ve got the auth working without too much difficulty but I can’t find links to the API for the AccountingAPI object – I’m looking something akin to the javadocs I’m familiar with. Am i missing something obvious, I don’t want to keep printing out objects to extract properties and methods. Many Thanks James.

GitHub – XeroAPI/ntation: Documentation for Xero’s public API.One moment, please

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Elements for Journal Lines. These elements are returned if they contain a value. LineAmount, total for line. Debits are positive, credits are negative value. Xero Projects allows businesses to track time and costs on projects/jobs and report on profitability. See here for more information about Projects. OrganisationStatus, Will be set to ACTIVE if you can connect to organisation via the Xero API. RegistrationNumber, Shows for New Zealand, Australian and UK.


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The embedded credentials provide full functionality, so you do not have to create an OAuth App. See the Xero Developer documentation for more details. Doumentation the Certificate options so that they use the new certificate. Your referral has been successfully received. Account Account object in body of request. Jun 29,