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In our effort to alleviate your pain and save more of your precious time, Revit offers a wide range of self-made and unique lighting families available for a quick and free download. Union Industries — High-speed Industrial Doors.

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Use project templates as a starting point for new projects. Use the default templates, or define custom templates to enforce office standards. A project template provides a starting point for a new project, including view templates, loaded families, defined settings such as units, fill patterns, line styles, line weights, view scales, and more , and geometry, if desired.

As installed, Revit provides several templates for different disciplines and types of building projects. You can also create custom templates to address specific needs or to ensure adherence to office standards. Project templates use the file extension RTE. When creating a new project, choose the template that best reflects your discipline and intent. Custom templates can be accessed as follows:.

Using project templates When creating a new project, choose the template that best reflects your discipline and intent. Custom templates can be accessed as follows: Choose from a short list of templates on the Recent Files window, under Projects. From the New Project dialog, access the full list of project templates, including the Revit default templates and your custom templates.

Tip: Plan to list your 5 most frequently used project templates on the Recent Files window, so they are easier to access when you start a new project. Topics in this section Create a Project Template You can create a custom project template using the several methods. Add Project Templates to the List After creating a project template, you can add it to the list that displays on the Recent Files window or the New Project dialog.

Then when creating a project, you can choose a project template from the list. Project Template Settings Define project template settings to maintain consistency throughout projects. Best Practices: Project Templates Project templates provide a starting environment and standards for new projects. Consider these recommendations and guidelines when creating custom project templates.


Where to Find and Download Revit Content and Family Libraries


For Revit — For other product versions, you will need to uninstall the content library entirely through the Programs and Features Control Panel and then reinstall from the original installation media. Note: If the content is blank here as well, this indicates there is a problem with the installer you are using, Try downloading it again avoiding the Install Now option and then go to step 2.

If the content is still not being downloaded, make sure that security software e. After installing the Content Library go through the following steps to set the correct paths within Revit:.

Note: In the paths listed below, replace with the particular product version in use, and replace RVT with the particular product used e.

Use the Autodesk Uninstall Tool to remove the libraries. If the uninstall tool is not able to remove the content library, try using the Windows Uninstall Tool If the content library is removed no longer shows up in Programs and Features Control Panel after a refresh , continue with reinstalling the Revit content by running the Revit installation again.

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