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Lots of stuff is happening at MSFT right now. Windows 8. The old VS Blue Theme is back, use it instead. Use whatever Theme relaxes you and whatever text colors make you happy. Anyway, the ASP. Remember that the tooling for ASP. NET was pulled out of VS in and remains an “out of band release. Truth is, the next weeks is when we need to be fixing bugs and finding any edge cases or weird stuff. We are actively working on that now.

NET 4. Welcome to visual studio 2013 – msdn – microsoft free download has a Go-Live license and includes. NET Framework will upgrade your. If you are shipping to a server with. NET 4 you’ll likely be OK, but you ARE taking a welcome to visual studio 2013 – msdn – microsoft free download, so don’t use a work machine you deeply care about to test on stydio you also have to ship.

Meaning, if ASP. NET 4 app we need to know and we will only find out if you test. But, don’t use the only machine you have to work on every day if it’s all you have to ship with. It’s that scenario that is the most interesting.

There’s lots of new stuff check the ASP. NET Release notes but here’s just a few highlights:. Edit and Continue for welcome to visual studio 2013 – msdn – microsoft free download bit applications – In VS and VS, the edit and continue option is disabled by default when creating a new web application project. In VS preview, we turned it on by tree. One ASP. NET and Visual Studio The dialog isn’t done, but we are moving welcomme with lots of new improvements.

Also, ASP. NET includes Twitter Bootstrap out of the box as the default template. You can now enable an ASP. This moves us towards One ASP. VS tooling enhancements – Editor enhancements, Browser Link. NET Identity is being fixed and rewritten with extensibility in mind. That last one means you can run an intranet app in Azure and authenticate it against your company’s existing Active Directory!

That means cloud-hosted intranet apps. SignalR also welcome to visual studio 2013 – msdn – microsoft free download a Portable. NET Client. We are also quietly making other changes moving towards bigger ones, including removing the “Windows-only” Restriction for the ASP. NET as well. A few of my favorite small Non-ASP. NET specific ,icrosoft are viewing method return values in the debugger duh!

Consider also getting the newly open source ” Web Essentials ” – This is our “unofficial Labs” extension where we try crazy stuff. We hope you dig it and even better we hope you help us make it all better. Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.

He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way. Sponsored By. About Scott Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.

About Newsletter. Hosting By. Share on Twitter or Facebook or use the Permalink. July 30, Another thing that is suggested by your last screenshot is perhaps there’s too many top level menus for cognitive load.

This and the syudio menu could be a good target to re-organise. Lastly, In my view, the extension list windows nuget, VS Extension, add new reference, etc. I won’t spoil the pleasure for you, but продолжить чтение that you try it instead.

Sorry but I didn’t get the impression that my feedback ever mattered. Welcome to visual studio 2013 – msdn – microsoft free download when the UI for VS was first presented it seemed everybody and their mother complained about it.

A few weeks later a new version was presented in a blog entry that amounted to “We listened to your feedback about the UI and we added some color to three of the icons. Doesn’t it look much better now?

Further criticism about the UI was simply ignored. Also logging into Visual Studio is not going to happen for me. Not to break the negativity streak but I’m very happy with all the features that have been added in VS in such a short time.

The ASP. NET improvements are really nice to see. I’m looking forward microwoft x64 Edit and Http://, async debugging, and return values in the autos window as well. I’m hoping the push towards making the debugger better is continued and that we will finally get lambda support while debugging via Roslyn presumably. My biggest issue with using the Preview is extensions.

I use a whole bunch of standard and non-standard extensions e. I’d much rather you guys just moved over to a licensing model of VS or make it truly free like XCode and dropped the version numbers as I’m sure most of the “incompatibilities” are just from that version number string.

That way these new features would have just rolled out as they were finished. Later I have to uninstall it because it messed with my Sql Server tools on VS and couldn’t edit a. Speaking of ASP. I’m wondering what the migration story will be for this. Will I be able to port all my users over to the new system and they will all still be able to log in?

Also, I see that the studio 5 software free pc don’t have a confirmation token to verify email addresses. Will that welcome to visual studio 2013 – msdn – microsoft free download added?

Or are we all supposed to take on that functionality individually now? I’m hoping that since we are in Preview it’s just incomplete, cause when I move to the latest, supported tech, I don’t want to downgrade. Also, if it won’t visuall complete at launch, what will the timeline be? Dan Friedman. The UI theme still suckat least release a theme that can have a better style for developer if you dont want to change the official theme.

I installed VS in an Windows and on the first run it froze and stayed frozen for more than 24 hours. I have no idea of what to do. Luiz Bicalho. I’ve been really pleased with VS The HTML editor seems much faster for me.

Overall performance seems to be better. The enhancements to the autos window is killer along with the editor enhancements showing the references, tests, etc. Michael Paterson. I must be really stupid when I am not even able to install this. After reading some comments, I don’t even want to anymore. I am visuao using VS because I really hate the fact, that I kicrosoft very often getting some annoying dialog that tells me that VS is busy by processing my request. When You are getting this dialog after every 10th word you type, welcome to visual studio 2013 – msdn – microsoft free download impossible to stay cool and do your job.

You are the best. I am just frustrated by new VS editions :. Stupid Developer. Eduardo – THAT sounds like a good bug. You can always right click tk the process in TaskMan and click Create Dump. Sam – The theme is back and cownload the same. Anyone ho – I will try to get answers to all your questions.



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