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There is an option to create an invoice online that can be sent from your mobile device, or if you prefer, you can print the invoice and mail it to your customer. Send feedback to the editorial team.


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That would save so much time. Xero, please do that. I also hate that products are mandatory. If a client orders something, in a new combination, or asks for a penny discount it is a new product.

Why cannot I just invoice John for I understand you are trying to be smart, xero, but please keep the dummy functions. I am a dummy. I need them. Lastly, according to my current knowledge, it does not integrate with payment providers like stripe or braintree without zapier – which is another subscription cost. Here I want to cut Xero some slack, it is not only their fault, but the payment provider’s fault as well, and I am in deep conversations with them on what can we do.

Because Kashflow was terrible. Didnt allow me to make more then 10 invoices a month, and then i needed to buy a ridiculously expensive package. Since starting with Xero over six years ago, we couldn’t be happier. We’ve centralised all our financial activity into one platform, which is great for non-finance people like myself! Xero makes managing the finances for a business really straightforward.

The user interface is intuitive and it centralises all my accounts information. One of my favourite features is the the dashboard, which is clear and customisable, and gives a great summary of the position position at any time. The software also integrates really well to other platforms for things like receipt capture and detailed business analysis.

I’m really happy with how it performs, however, our bookkeeper still does some levels of manual reporting, which he finds easier in Excel, than in Xero. The integration of BA tools does negate this issue. At the time the product looked to have better features and functionality, and the user experience was excellent.

It wasn’t SaaS at the time and was only able to be understood and used by our bookkeeper. Industry: Education Management. Reconciliations are so much easier, integrating with other products is so much easier, there are so many apps which can easily integrate into Xero. Xero is very easy to navigate around and is user friendly. Even a non-finance employee is able to use Xero. The product is able to integrate seamlessly with a school management system importing invoices and contacts which are managed in the school management system.

The integration is almost automatic and does not require a user to sync. Company size: 1,, employees. The best accounting software that meets all of your requirements. In particular, my experience with Xero has been beneficial in that it has enabled me to organize and manage all financial affairs of the branch in which I work without the need for a full-time accountant in the branch, as it allows me to prepare financial statements, pay bills, and organize payment dates myself.

I appreciate that Xero is responsive and simple to use for everyone, as it does not necessitate a great deal of prior experience. Once connected to the Internet, the user will be able to connect with all of his bank accounts, both those through which he wishes to make payments and those to which he wishes to transfer money, and monitor and follow them accurately and professionally, as well as track and report on them.

It is extremely adaptable to a wide range of requirements, including those of freelancers and huge corporations. Furthermore, it serves as a vital database for all financial data, as it will allow you to download documents and invoices quickly and easily, and also through the phone application, where it is sufficient to scan documents and invoices in order to enter information from them into the system and schedule payments quickly and easily.

I particularly appreciate the reports that are generated by Xero since they are comprehensive in that they include all of the financial transactions that occurred during the time period under consideration.

The issue of dealing with recurring payments does not operate as expected, as you must occasionally complete the procedure manually. Overall, Xero was a truly powerful software that took the dread of dealing with accounting and reconciliation and made it rather straightforward. The accounting process can effectively be handled by any person, which is rather refreshing.

As an attorney, I’m not an accountant. So having something else to learn and utilize while already extremely busy would be a major inconvenience.

However, Xero took what would have been a terrible experience and made it manageable. Xero is a pretty straightforward product that is effectively almost immediately deployable. Xero’s dashboard is not bulky or overwhelming like a significant number of other accounting software tends to be. Xero’s help manuals and tutorials were also very useful and are great for helping users quickly refamiliarize themselves with the software. With the software linked to your desired account, you can easily reconcile all incoming and outgoing payments and expenses on a given account.

Once set up, you literally can log in right after making a purchase to reconcile your accounts without having to fumble through old receipts later to try to remember specific actions that were taken on behalf of a client.

The only con that I personally experienced with Xero was that I routinely was required to relink and subsequently “resync” my banking account with Xero. Admittedly, this may have been a banking issue and not necessarily a Xero issue.

However, when the relinking had to happen, this created a significant amount of issues because I was forced to relink the account, reimport expenses and incoming sums and then ensure that all the amounts had actually synced appropriately from my physical bank account to the Xero software.

The price of Xero and the ability to effectively use the software almost immediately made the decision to choose Xero a straightforward one. We switched from Quickbooks because the software felt really cumbersome and was not very user friendly to someone that isn’t an accounting professional. Industry: Industrial Automation. We moved from Sage line 50 to Xero, this has mainly been a positive experience. From our day-to-day usage, sending invoices, chasing debt, bank reconciliation it is very easy to use.

Our accountant set up Dext to import receipts and expenses which means we spend much less time with data entry now and we are much more paperless than we were.

The key driver for us was to work in a cloud based system that would integrate with other business management systems and Xero kept coming up as the one that plays nicely with lots of other services. Our managment accountant has taken a lot more convincing as the web-based interface can be a little more clumsy in some ‘pure-accountancy’ areas and getting the chart of accounts nicely presented has taken a bit of effort.

Ease of use from a day-to-day perspective for a non accountant and integration with other cloud software such as Dext and Flowlens. We have had a couple of glitches where bank feeds have stopped working for periods of time, manual import of bank statements can take a few attempts to get right.

When I first began using Xero, I had heard a lot about it and was skeptical. Surely, no software could be so “all that”! I was introduced to it by a colleague who has converted the whole of her mid-size accountancy practice to it, and literally within a day and a half which did include watching some of the short but very clear tutorial videos I was not only up and running, but felt confident using it, finding my way around it, locating and fixing errors etc. It’s literally that simple and straightforward.

It’s also incredibly stable – I think in 3 years it’s only been offline to my knowledge 3 times, each for a very short period. I’ve also not found ANY bugs so far – almost unheard of! Provided it’s set up properly, Xero is probably the most friendly accounting software – to non-accountants that is – of any I’ve ever come across. Back in the 90’s, MYOB revolutionised accounting software for small business, but Xero takes it to a whole new level, by removing so much of the data entry work that takes time, leaves room for errors and is in general a pain, when you’d rather be – you know, running your business.

With Xero, it’s up to the individual operator how much they want to automate their accounting transactions; if you want to, you can use the really powerful, but still simple tools to do a lot of the legwork for you. If you prefer to do it more manually, that’s OK too – it’s still simple and very quick and easy to use.

Xero is constantly adding and refining its software. Inventory control is an area I’d like to see strengthened, but that’s already way ahead of where it was a couple of years ago. Similarly processing payments in advance. But these are relatively small niggles which for the majority of small businesses don’t present any issue. I was contracting to an accountancy firm who had converted their entire practice to Xero. I am very satisfied to be building my practice on Xero.

They have a good product with a good company behind it. They seem to really care about their advisors and see them as key to their business model. They have a great community and great support. What I like most about Xero is its open-platform ethos. It’s not one particular feature, it’s the whole way that Xero approaches what it does, and it shows up all over the product. One small example is how easy it is to manually import bank transactions via CSV file, and then how easy it is to undo that import if it went wrong.

I want them to hurry up and integrate Hubdoc into Xero itself. And when that happens, I want there to be a way to generate a report that shows which GL transactions don’t have a source document. In the end, I decided that the ability to integrate apps was going to be determinative over the long term.

Xero and QBO are way out in front when it comes to integration and I expect that as the market matures, they will end up with a Coke-and-Pepsi-level of market dominance. They may already be there. I was looking for a software partner that I could build my practice on and Xero were the ones who showed me they wanted to be that and had a plan to make it happen. For Quickbooks, the advisor community will always be a means to an end.

Their products are built for consumers, not professionals, and I expect they always will be. Xero changed the face of accounting for our business. It has made accounting work far less painful than it used to be. And the true cloud-based setup makes it so much easier to access from anywhere. Ease of use – seriously. Nothing comes close.

And trust me, I’ve tried a number of accounting software and they’re all a nightmare to use unless you’re an accountant. None of them were truly cloud based.

All of them were horribly complicated, made for accountants and not at all user friendly. Sage 50 Cloud was supposedly a cloud based software, but it wasn’t truly cloud based, and it had all the legacy horrid pains associated with any Sage accounting system. Industry: Staffing and Recruiting. Easy to deploy and use providing you have basic book-keeping knowledge.

Solid and simple cloud accounting solution that is easy to navigate and customise. Great that our external accountants and legal support can access online as they need. Seems to be continuously evolving and its reassuring to see ongoing development of the product. Customisable dashboard is a time saver and ability to customise templates helps with consistency for our company branding.

Customisation of user permissions means the bonus of staff being able to enter their own expenses which is a further time saver. Being able to work across multiple currencies now is a plus, albeit I wish we could manually adjust exchange rates being used. Many advanced features that are standard for longer established accounting software solutions are available, but as “bolt on” packages, so costs can escalate quickly if you need full “bells and whistles”.

I appreciate that customer service probably don’t want to be wasting time with queries better addressed by professional book-keepers or accountants, but in our instance, as “advanced users”, our customer service queries tend to be related to technical challenges with the product. It would be great of Xero could analyse the types of queries coming from their customers and perhaps have a priority helpline on offer for “low maintenance” subscribers.

Felt more user friendly, especially for team members who, at the time, had limited or zero accounting knowledge. I was reluctant to pay the extra costs to move to Xero from my previous cheaper package but I am more than happy that I finally made the switch.

It is a fraction of the cost of having a book-keeper to pay and I feel so much more confident that my accounts are working correctly. The option of additional plugins aid the automation for syncing with software such as woocommerce and amazon, ebay etc. It is a shame that they are additional costs but I would prefer that I had the option to integrate than not, and they are great time savers, which is the biggest help for small business owners.

Xero has a lot of automated features that make the process of accounts preparation easy and reliable. The bank feeds work smoothly and it is easy to set up rules to make the process automated on regular transactions – just a click to confirm entry.

I have been able to integrate woocommerce, amazon and ebay transactions to ensure I am correctly treating VAT and International orders and purchases correctly. As with any new accountancy software, there is a bit of technical detail to get your head around but that is probably to be expected. There are good help articles that are useful for the set up phase. I wanted a greater degree of confidence that my accounts were correct when dealing with complex transactions such as International sales etc.

This was especially important due to changes with Brexit etc. I was also keen to be able to automate where possible to save time. I am happy, can be connected with my clients all the time, can prepare reports anywhere, anytime.

I think the price for South Africa is a bit high. I like the product is easy to use, no need high knowledge of accounting, the person who never was doing accounting can easily manage this product. Industry: Information Technology and Services.

Xero was the best choice back in when no one gave multi-currency and still is in when there are some who do. I have now added another company to Xero and cannot imagine shifting to another platform With most clients abroads, we find its best to bill them in their local currency.

Luckily for us, Xero is there to help sort our books out and keep them in order. Another feature we really use is their tracking fields. Xero allows users to setup 2 tracking fields that can be added to invoices, expenses, bills and assigned to each line. This helps us keep track of project based work and has been our way since before Xero ventured into Project based accounting that users need to pay additional fee for It also integrates with online payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, GoCardless, and a few others; thus payments are a breeze for clients.

As a non-accountant, Xero is easy to use even when you get into all the features it provides. They have made some changes to their UI esp where invoices and expenses are concerned.

Luckily for older users, expenses are still free however, for new users it isnt and each person filing expenses on it needs to pay a small fee. I think it should be free for a small number of users atleast 2 and then charged.

There was no multi-currency in Quickbooks available. Bank feeds were also not there for some of the banks I wanted. For a similar price point Xero offered better features and a product that was easier to use for a non-accountant. Accounting Software. Xero Reviews. Xero Reviews 4. User Review Highlights 4. Xero looked great, was easy to use, and made it possible for our virtual team to work together.

I love the rule feature that allows me to set my routine transactions to the correct COA. It makes accounting somewhat fun for the business owner. You could not talk to someone when you wanted to. Write a Review Sort by Reviews are by default sorted by Recommended to software buyers, driven by our proprietary algorithm reflecting the depth and quality of the review, recency of experience, and other factors.

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Alternative Medicine. Arts and Crafts. Broadcast Media. Building Materials. Business Supplies and Equipment. Capital Markets. Civil Engineering.

Commercial Real Estate. Computer Games. Computer Hardware. Computer Networking. Computer Software. Consumer Electronics.

Consumer Goods. Consumer Services. Education Management. Environmental Services. Events Services. Executive Office. Facilities Services. Financial Services. Fine Art. Food Production. Government Administration. Government Relations. Graphic Design. Health, Wellness and Fitness. Higher Education. Human Resources. Import and Export. Industrial Automation. Information Services. Information Technology and Services. International Affairs. International Trade and Development. Investment Banking.

Investment Management. Law Enforcement. Law Practice. Legal Services. Legislative Office. Logistics and Supply Chain. Management Consulting. Market Research. Marketing and Advertising. Mechanical or Industrial Engineering. Media Production. Medical Devices.

Medical Practice. Mental Health Care. Advertising Disclosure. Xero is our pick for the best accounting software for growing companies. Because its pricing plans are not based on the number of employees, Xero can easily accommodate different stages of small business development and the changing needs that accompany that growth. Xero is the best accounting software for growing companies.

Its service plans and features easily accommodate different stages of small business development and the changing needs that accompany that growth. Every business starts small. But as a company grows, its financial needs change. Xero also integrates with over 1, third-party business apps, among the most of any accounting software package we reviewed.

As a business moves into higher phases of growth, it will likely require more of these integrations to scale up and keep things running smoothly. Even with all of these features, Xero keeps it simple with a user-friendly interface and visualization to help customers who are new to running a business. These are just some of the reasons Xero is our pick for the best accounting software for growing businesses.

When testing the software, we found Xero to be easy to navigate, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The main dashboard displays several key statistics that business owners want to have at their fingertips, including how much money is in their bank account, who owes them money, bills that need to be paid, and cash flow.

Compared with other accounting software platforms we reviewed, Xero really excels at presenting information in an easy-to-understand way. A business owner who is trying to maintain positive cash flow would be looking for the blue line to remain above the gray line.

Xero saves you time by streamlining processes and giving you the tools to accomplish financial tasks faster. Here are some of the ways Xero makes accounting less tedious:.

Automatic payment reminders encourage customers to pay on time, saving you from having to follow up on outstanding invoices manually. Unlike alternatives such as QuickBooks, Xero includes time tracking.

Users are required to download the free Xero Projects app, which they can use to record time and costs, as well as to create invoices and reports. Everything is done in the cloud, meaning you can edit the invoice without the hassle of resending it to the customer. You can email invoices directly from the software, and Xero integrates with PayPal, Stripe, Square and other payment processors so you can accept payments online. One drawback is that the process of customizing the look and feel of the invoice is slightly less intuitive than it is with some competitors.

A professional-looking invoice is essential for getting paid, so this is something to note for businesses that send out many invoices. That said, we found it easy to convert a quote to an invoice, and invoices have drag-and-drop lines that make it easy to reorder items on an invoice.

Conveniently, you can attach files, such as a document or a photo of the work you completed, to invoices. For example, statistics show that Thursday is the best day to send an invoice to get paid quickly.

As you create quotes and invoices, you can see how many of each item you have in stock. If you need to reorder inventory, you can easily create and send purchase orders, and then convert the purchase orders to bills for payment or invoices for your customers.

For complex inventory needs, advanced inventory integrations are available through the app marketplace. It uses machine learning to predict more accurate matches the more you use this feature. It also has bank rules and cash-coding features to make the reconciliation process easier and faster. With the iPhone and iPad versions of the app, you can view cash flow, access customer and vendor contacts, reconcile transactions, and create invoices.

The Apple Watch app allows you to see account balances and the number of new transactions. The Xero Expenses and Xero Projects apps, which are included with the Established plan, allow you to capture photos of expenses, submit expense reports, track time, and attach billable expenses and time to projects. This robust functionality was better than we found with the mobile apps offered by many other accounting solutions.

Xero offers more than 1, integrations — among the most of the accounting apps we reviewed. With this unique Xero feature, the email address, date, and time for automatic payment reminders also appear on this screen. Furthermore, you can add notes such as the expected payment date. Xero connects to your bank and credit card accounts and imports data daily.


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Free add-ons available. With Xero, personal expenses can also be managed with mobile review and approval of each receipt. Apps library is great and has everything that we need. Designed for sole proprietors and small and growing businesses, Xero offers three versions, so you can scale up to a more robust plan as your business grows. Works with multiple currencies. Software Advice’s FrontRunners report ranks top products based on user reviews, which helps businesses find the right software. This is a notable feature for accounting software; often, lower-tier plans allow fewer users while only higher-tier plans allow unlimited users.